Website: https://sppare.me/

Project Type: Custom Theme Development, API Integration, E-Commerce, Speed Optimization

Sppare.me offers online services for sperm freezing from the comfort of the the customer’s home.

The client required that the customer be able to pay for their services in multiple separate payments. The total sum the client had to pay was split in as many monthly payments as he wanted. As there was no out of the box solution for this Digital Space create custom functionality to achieve this. We used WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin as a starting point and developed on top of it.

The second request the client had was to automated as much of their internal process in managing the orders as possible. This implied:

  • Automated emails to customers based on the status of the order. Since the customer had to send back his specimen and his blood work these reminders ware essential on keeping the order in schedule
  • Automated FedEx shipping creation using the Goshippo API after the order has been placed based on the details the customer has provided
  • Automated FedEx package status check for sending automated emails to the administrators and customers.
  • Ability to print a word blood test document that automatically fills the customer’s information

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